The Abelard School at George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

Senior Students Attend a Taping of CBC Talkshow

On Wednesday, 5 March, the Grade 11 and 12 students took a walk down to the CBC headquarters on Front Street to attend a taping of George Stroumboloulopoulos Tonight. A full audience was there to hear interviews by former Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive songwriter and guitarist Randy Bachman, as well as speed skater and four-time Olympic medalist Charles Hamelin.

Randy Bachman talked to the audience about his experience as a rock and roll musician in the 1960s, and the social pressures he came up against when he decided to give up drugs and alcohol. Currently Bachman hosts a CBC radio show called Vinyl Tap, in which he plays music and tells stories about rock and roll history.

Charles Hamelin was newly back from Sochi, where he won the Gold medal for Canada in the 1500 m track speed skating event. The 29-year old announced that he intends to compete four years from now in the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang.

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