A beautiful Thanksgiving note from an alumnus

While travelling in Paris, Abelard graduate Gabe de Roche posted the following heart-warming status update on his Facebook page (and kindly agreed to let us share it):
Today in Paris, I visited the Cimetière Père Lachaise where Pierre Abelard is buried (avec Héloïse, “les restes enfin réunis”).  I didn’t expect the memorial to move me so much, but it certainly did make me reflect on the profound and edifying education I received throughout my four years at the Abelard School.  I leave Paris tomorrow, and I don’t think I could have appreciated this city, and been inspired by the centuries of creation that have occurred here, without the Abelard School and its talented teachers who, in my opinion, are without parallel.  They include Alina Rossinsky, Brian Blair, Michelle Lefolii, Josh Fullan, Shai ॐ Maharaj, and Mark Young.  I’m just a tourist, like so many others, but I wanted my former teachers to know that their lessons left a lasting and even constant impact that has enriched me so much.  At every turn, this is a city that my education has helped me appreciate in a way that I would be so much poorer for not having experienced.  But that was true long before I got here.  So while it may not be Thanksgiving in France, it’s Thanksgiving in Toronto.  So… Thank you, Abelard School!

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