Fundraiser 2016

Lili Coelho & Josiah Cohen (Grade 12)

It can be said without doubt that the 2016 Abelard Fundraising Dinner at the University of Toronto Faculty Club was by far the highlight of the club’s evening. South African wine-tasting upstairs, Dr. Anderson’s Holiday Reception downstairs—all were overshadowed by the entertainment and dining festivities marking the Abelard School’s 20th year of existence. The close-knit community came together on Friday, December 2, to celebrate the accomplishments of the students and faculty, and all that the school has given to its students over the last twenty years. Current students, alumni, and parents alike had the opportunity to show their appreciation for this life-changing school. Students showcased their talents; parents socialized among themselves, the students, and faculty; and several teachers made heartfelt speeches. The student performances were the highlight of the evening: the Abelard Jazz Band debuted, several students displayed impressive musical talent, and others skillfully sang the night away.

From my perspective, I saw nothing but smiles on everyone’s face and heard nothing but applause and eager conversation and laughter. Having spent five years at or in connection with the school, a fourth of its existence seems far too little time for the high-level learning and thinking I have been privileged to experience in my time at Abelard. I am very proud to be among the 20th anniversary graduating class, and thus this year’s special Fundraising Dinner—for its enjoyment, for its entertainment, for its unification of the Abelard community—will be a cherished memory for me that I will share with all those who attended.



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