Mr. Young Talks AP Exams

Some of our senior students are in the final leg of their prep for writing the Advanced Placement (or AP) Exams in early May. Abelard is an AP exam centre, and we are proud of our students’ track records on these competitive placement tests. Advanced Placement exams are administered by the College Board, the same organization that runs the SATs, and can be an important part of the Abelardian experience.

Our students should seriously weigh the value of writing these exams. Some European post-secondary institutions, particularly in the UK and Germany, require five AP test scores from applicants. Many universities in North America consider strong results on AP tests as equivalent to first-year courses. This means that, at some schools, students can either skip to second-year classes, leaving more space in their programs for electives, or they can use AP exams to fulfill program breadth requirements. Students who achieve a score of 5 (the highest mark possible) on at least five exams are recognized by the College Board for their accomplishment–a feather in the cap of any high school graduate.

Although there are many disciplines tested by AP exams, our students most frequently write the Calculus, English, French, American History, Psychology, Biology, Physics, and Latin tests. The exams are difficult and shouldn’t be attempted without preparation–both a 90% average in a grade 12 course along with approval from their teacher are usually a good indication that the student is up to the challenge. Students should start thinking about whether or not they would like to write the tests while they are still in grade 9, and can begin preparation as early as grade 10.

While we do insist on at-home study to get ready for these daunting tests, our grade 12 level courses cover much of the curriculum that is on AP exams. Students electing to write should feel well supported in their efforts. Mr. Young coordinates our students’ participation in the APs, so students should speak with him to express their interest. The exams cost around $150 each to write depending on the value of the Canadian dollar at the time of payment. Most students who take on this challenge will write three exams while in grade 11, and another three while in grade 12.

All this said, the AP exams are not required, and may not be the best fit for all students. Those who are interested in applying at schools in the United States, for instance, may find that an SAT or ACT is needed for admission. Whatever path our students choose, we are deeply invested in preparing our them for their best future. Students and parents should speak with us early and often about how we can help them excel.

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