Grade 12 University Acceptances

       Each year, our graduating students receive acceptances from many, many universities. Not only do all of our graduating students get accepted to university, but many are awarded top scholarships and other distinctions. This year’s Grade 12 class is no exception.
       So far, our students have been accepted to the following Canadian universities: the University of Toronto, McGill, University of British Columbia, Waterloo, McMaster, Queen’s, Ryerson, Western, UOttawa, Carleton, York, and Brock.
       Furthermore, several students applied to schools and programs in the United Kingdom, and have been accepted to: King’s College London, the University of St Andrew’s. the University of Edinburgh, and Queen’s University’s Bader International Study Centre.
       Additionally, our students have received a myriad of scholarships and distinctions from universities and external organizations. These include a Loran National Scholarship, a President’s Scholar of Excellence Scholarship at U of T, and a Principal’s Scholarship at Queen’s.
       Congratulations, Class of 2020 – we have no doubt that you have a very bright future ahead of you!

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