The Ranger

Fiction by: Matt Pilgrim, Grade 12

The first sound to enter your ears will be the light jingle of metal complemented by the heavy, determined trod of hard heeled riding boots. Then you will hear the revolting noise of someone who is free from the burdens of hygiene gathering a fat wad of phlegm from the back of their throat before contemptuously flinging it at the floor. Continue reading

Sound Lake

Fiction by: Jared Rand, Grade 12

Up in the north is a place that my parents called Sound Lake. We used to go there every summer when I was just a kid. I used to play on the beach while my parents watched me. I didn’t have a care in the world. This year, when I came back without them, Sound Lake was not as much a paradise as it had been. Continue reading

The Forgotten City

Fiction by: Jack Fine, Grade 12

It was a dark place, long forgotten, visited only by the occasional wayward soul or explorer wanting to reveal its secrets. The archaeologists had stopped coming long ago, the great exploration parties left before them, and the last attempt to resettle the region was centuries ago. Now it stands looming on the horizon, abandoned since time immemorial but refusing to vanish completely. Continue reading


Fiction by: Suriya N., Grade 12

The sun had risen, shining brightly in the distance. The crumpling of leaves could be heard as I took a step into the field. Fall had just arrived, which meant the spine-tingling, cold wind front also returned. I could almost believe that a whip of the cool breeze brought along the scrumptious smell of freshly baked waffles in the mornings. Yet this town was different. Continue reading

That Which Can Be Described

Fiction by: Sam M., Grade 12

The rain poured down from the Heavens onto the soldiers as they retreated from Korea. Zhi Jian gave one last look at the damned place before falling back in line with his company. So many of his closest friends now lay dead in the fields because of his emperor’s foolish attempt to expand his realm. Just thinking about that made Zhi sick. According to the Great Philosophers, the emperors were supposed to care for their subjects like a father treats his son. Continue reading