World of Myth

Our grade 7-8 Myth class was given the opportunity to do something creative about any aspect of Greek myth they were interested in. Some of the students were interested in specific figures like Poseidon, Sisyphus, or the Minotaur, others were more interested in narrative, with projects on Odysseus and the cyclops and Circe, and others in artifacts, like the Golden Fleece or the wings of Icarus. They all did an amazing job!

In the same spirit, the World History to 1500 class was given the opportunity to create anything they wanted in connection with Ancient Greece. Some wrote plays based on ancient themes, others created clay projects, one student was inspired by Plato to recreate Plato’s Cave, another the Shield of Athena, others the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena, and a kylix or drinking cup. What a wealth of interests!

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